Ice Lee

Sometime you meet people who are like bright shining light that make you feel special just to be in their glow; Fiona and Stella are one of these people. In 2014, I only have 6 weeks in Hong Kong to find my wedding dress. Back in Vancouver, it was difficult to find dresses that fit me. Dresses that are supposed to be above my knees would become the train. Waistline would somehow turns into hipline. However, the experience in Hong Kong was not pleasant neither. Stores that limit how many dress you can try on. Sales people that just wanna close the sale without trying to understand what you want. The worst experience was probably when a salesperson told you what you want look like sleepwear. It is quite disheartening. With 4 weeks left, I called up my aunt and asked for help. She said her cousin (Fiona) is actually a wedding dress designer, maybe she can help out. At that time, their studio was still under the way, so they brought me to different stores to try on dresses and get a sense of what look good on me and what style and fabric I prefer to use. Later, while Fiona and I sat down and chatted, Stella started sketching my vision of the dress (BTW her sketching skill is amazing). As she was flipping through her sketchbook, then I realized she actually sketched out all the dresses that I told them I was interested in before we meet. They measured my size carefully and considered all the things that may affect the measurement down the road, since my wedding was still 8 months away. That day, they spent close to 8 hours with me and my fiance. With my tight timeline, I cannot imagine how many nights they pulled off, but I had my dream dress to bring home at the end of my trip. They also surprised us with stitching of our name and the bible verse that we will be using in the wedding on the dress. I was a happy bride to be. You would think that once the dress is done, they would probably delete your contact on their phone. But one night, I received a whatsapp message from Fiona. She said she was looking at the pictures of me wearing the dress and realized that I have some rash at the back of my skin. She asked whether I would like to try a type of soap from HK that may help. Sometime you meet people who go beyond what they need to do at their work, then you know they truly care the people they serve and love what they do.