A Zi Yan

A local designer duo with immense passion, excellent customer service skills and unlimited creativity. They have been expanding and have continuously amazed us with their collections – from traditional to modern, from elegant to sexy, from plain to embroideries and laces – over the past two years since our first visit for the free trial. At our first two visits, Fiona and Stella showed great hospitality that we were so relaxed and felt like talking to friends. They didn’t force us to join their packages and they only wished us eventually being able to pick the perfect outfits for our big day. They don’t see it just business but part of a complete experience of the special day. We really liked their attitudes and of course the high quality of their dresses, and their package prices are more than reasonable for their quality. Unless you’re looking for foreign big brands, you can hardly find another local bridal studio offering as high quality at such a fair price. Since all the dresses are designed by Fiona and Stella, they fit Hong Kong females more than foreign brands do. Besides, Wcube allow two times of changing choices. They even encouraged us to visit them and try some more new gowns. We then had our third visit a year and a half after the previous and it was the time we made our changes. The new dresses they showed us blew us away again! We instantly replaced the red dress with a new one, then my wife tried on a new wedding gown and it truly gave us serious headache. We finally decided to pay extra money and take it as well. All the staff have been so helpful and sincere in the course that we’ve even become friends! We truly appreciate everything Wcube have done that has made our pre-wedding and wedding so special. We’ll definitely miss the days visiting them, trying on gowns and seeing how beautiful my wife is with their gowns on. Thanks for such a special experience Wcube have given us!


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